Who We Are

We are top coaches in a wide variety of fields,
equipped with the latest technology,
warm hearts and in service to others.

The Problem:

Currently in the U.S. 47 million people fall
under the Federal Guidelines for Poverty.

Our Solution

To uplift, increase awareness, coach, and
deliver proven training programs to
substantially reduce poverty in our country.

The Result:

Lifting our clients out of their economic
struggles and assisting their rise to a better,
happier, more rewarding life.

"If you want a richer life, find the courage to contribute to those in need.

Ken D Foster

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what-makes-good-coachWhat Makes a Good Coach?

Coaches assume many different roles during the course of a relationship, but all share some basic qualities, such as:

  • A Passion for Helping Others
  • An Excellent Listener
  • Empathetic
  • A Problem Solver
  • A Visionary

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Core Principles


Our target audience are those individuals who are under the federal guidelines for poverty. Currently in the United States, we have 47 million people in poverty. Twenty-two percent of these citizens are children, with African American children holding a poverty rate of thirty-five percent; with the overall youth population having an unemployment rate of Fifty-one percent. While there are plenty of services to help children, the need for adult services is largely unmet.


Our research indicates that there are currently fourteen National Mentoring Programs which address the needs of those under the Federal guidelines for poverty. Only two of these programs mentor people over the age of twenty-one. Of the two that do, one is for business owners and one caters to a specific religious group. These programs are set up for mentoring specifically, were a senior person with more experience than the mentee delivers information and life experience.

Our Approach

Our approach is different. We are a group of inspired, capable spiritual warriors, leaders, business owners, new thought leaders, and coaches. We are bringing together to top personal and professional life, business, spiritual, career, health, well-being, and financial coaches who are equipped with the latest technology, warm hearts and are in service to those they work. We will uplift, increase awareness, coach, and deliver proven training programs to substantially reduce poverty in our country.


Our coaches are skilled by Industry recognized Coach Training Companies. They are efficient in coaching applications that support our clients in developing personal improvement plans, increasing wisdom, helping them stay on track, plus evolve and grow themselves, families and communities.


There have been several evidence based studies that have shown the effectiveness of Life Coaching combined with Empowerment Training Programs to lift people out of these economic struggles. These programs assist their clients to rise above the poverty level, increase their awareness, reconnect to spirit, raise self-esteem, and contribute to the betterment of the individual and community.


From an economic point of view. The program will have the effect of increasing individual productivity. It will support participants to get off of government subsidies and generate income which will contribute to the US economic stability by contributing to the tax base, and evening out the income distribution.

U.S. Citizens in Poverty

People We Are Helping Now

Volunteer Coaches

“I wondered why somebody
didn’t do something.
Then I realized, I am somebody.”


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