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Currently in the United States, 47 million are living in poverty. 22% of those are children and our government is spending an estimated $1,066 billion annually to fix it.

We Can Do Better

Together we can stop the Imprudence and solve this heartbreaking problem. We have the solution! It is called Life Coaching which we combine with education and high impact technology to instill confidence and clear paths to success.”

Our Approach Works

Evidenced-based studies show that combining Life Coaching with educational programs is effective at lifting people out of their economic struggles. Our Life Coaches support participants to evaluate their challenges, develop a personal improvement plan, track goals, and overcome challenges. They move our STARS forward in their finances, health, relationships and much more.

The Stars of Courage Program is a new and effective approach to the problematic reality of poverty. For just $50.00 a month, you can support a participant to receive Life Coaching weekly.