Who We Are

We are top coaches and mentors in a
wide variety of fields, equipped with
the latest technology, warm
hearts and in service to others.

The Problem:

The World is going through tremendous change, and transformation,
leaving many behind in a wake of disinformation, misinformation, and
fear based thinking, which leads to addictions, imprisonment, poverty,
wars and relocation.

Our Solution

To uplift the human spirit, educate,
coach, & mentor those who are in transition,
relocating or renewing their life.

The Result:

Lifting our clients out of their economic
struggles and assisting their rise to a better,
happier, more rewarding life.

"There Has Never Been A More Important Time In History For You To Serve, Uplift People, and Help Them Awaken Their Full Potential

Ken D Foster

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what-makes-good-coachWhat Makes a Good Coach?

Coaches assume many different roles during the course of a relationship, but all share some basic qualities, such as:

  • A Passion for Helping Others
  • An Excellent Listener
  • Empathetic
  • A Problem Solver
  • A Visionary

Skill Sets

You already have the skills you need to help people rise out of crisis — life coaching, financial, inspirational, personal, psychological, marital, or other fields of coaching. We value your contribution!

Your Time

What kind of time commitment are you willing to make? Clients can be accommodating of schedules, but a commitment made is crucial to keep.

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We work with and support companies that have projects which align with the Stars of Courage educational charter, mission, vision, and values.

Currently we are working with Dr Fred Moss and “We the People Summit” which has a Project to raise
1 Million dollars for the Ukraine Refugees.

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